Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of May

Iris on the side lawn
I had my daughters home tonight. Dearest went to play hockey and I had all the girls home and we played manicure and watched 'Steel Magnolios' which I got from the library. Love that movie. " Passion and blush" are my favourite colours too!

We have a social function to go to tomorrow, a fair drive away. Hence the nail job. It will shock Dearest as the only nail colour I ever put on is manure brown! He thinks such colouring is stupid. But my French nails tonight make me happy. Just hope I remember to put on my engagement and wedding rings early in the morning.

May is over. Dearest and I have spent the whole week doing farm work. Which to be honest I enjoy. He wanted to take me somewhere, but only place I wanted to be was here. Maybe in August after second hay cut we can have some us time.

The hay baler and cutter are in top notch shape. I walked the fields tonight and we are almost ready for a cut. The alfalfa has yet to go to flower, but the hay is to my waist. The last three days we concentrated on cutting, slitting and moving firewood. We did about 2 cords. He cut and split ( with a splitter) and I moved wheel burrow after wheel burrow of wood to the front porch and stacked it ,where it will dry for winter. Tonight everything we have by the house is cut/ split/ moved. Ready for the 7mm of rain we are to get the next two days.

We have gone from 36C( 96F) to 7C ( 46F)right now in the course of three days. I'll take the colder temperatures over the heat for working.

Have done nothing on my yo-yo pillow all week. Must get at it.

I did get sheets in for the bed, from Sears catalogue. It is white on white in a 1 inch stripe. I liked it. I also patched all the holes daughter made in the wall by hammering nails in it to hang pictures. That was as far as I got.

Tomorrow June is upon us and heavy farm work will be here.


Jane and Chris said...

We need the rain but if it would just rain during the nights and not in the days I'd be happy. I'm cold today, porridge for breakfast and a warm polar fleece to wear!
Jane x

maria said...

How wonderful that you were able to spend such a lovely time watching a really nice movie. It is a favorite of mine also.

Have a blessed weekend,


Blessings a.k.a Deana Evenburg-Sharp said...

I would love to get my 2 daughters and 3 granddaughters for just a day of "girl" time.. sounds like lot's of fun!

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