Thursday, May 3, 2012

Out My Window

Just a little scene outside my kitchen window here from the computer desk. We had a lot of rain yesterday around the supper hour and now the grass is green and wet, but it seems to be drying up. I am hoping so my laundry will dry outside on the line.

I kind of laughed at the picture because it would appear that whenever I do this " View from My  Window" with Jane. My 15 year old dog is in the same position. I am not colouring the background Jane, honestly! It is just his sleeping spot I guess.
It was about 10C when I woke this morning. Muggy and warmer. The blackflies are out this morning. I didn't get bitten, but it would appear no matter what the weather is like they are here on time.
 I was suppose to go into the city today to be with a friend but she called early this morning with an allergy cold and cancelled. This actually was okay with me. I have been on the run all week and making supper after evening chores. Feeling the panic mode all week. This gives me a day to get caught up on paperwork and cleaning and some gardening (maybe).

I was in the city yesterday and went to a few garden centers. They don't open full swing here until next week, just before Mother's Day, I believe because of frost. I was noticing geraniums are about $3.89 for a 6" pot this year. I was hoping to hang flowers on the porch this year. Geraniums always look lovely but I shall have to re-think this through. An awful cost for just looks expectually since firewood is stacked a mile high on the porch anyway.
I did buy some melon seeds. I have never grown it before  and none of my friends had seeds this year. I asked around because I just wanted a few to try. So I spent the $2. of a package and last night planted them in yogurt containers. All my seedlings are doing very well.

At my folks yesterday. Dat was in a slow mode first thing in the morning. As he ate breakfast I went upstairs to dust and vacuum the bedrooms and clean the bathroom. I noticed that he had not moved his calender to May but rather made perfect squares after April 30th to add days. I chuckled over this and moved the calender to May and crossed off the first two days. No wonder he thought it was Saturday!

Dat pays for his groceries with a credit card. The pin system at the grocery store often gives us trouble as their machine is slow, and older people can't see the tiny screen. It takes a few tries. Well if the cashier didn't bend Dats card to try and help and torn it right at the black strip in the back. The look on Dat's face like that of a 3 year old, asking "what do I do now?" I told him not to worry we would call the 1-800 number and get a new one sent. It appears the chip still works not the bar. To call these places, I have to say who I am and why we are calling and that Dat is on the other line. I get so far with these companies and then Dat can answer all the other questions. The lady was terrific.

Other then that. Spring is in the air. My allergies are bad this year. I had a freezing of the face Tuesday night as my sinuses were throbbing, but it cleared by 5am next morning. I can't take allergy medication because of my heart medication. They don't mix. I manage........somehow!


Jane and Chris said...

hahaha....I really do think you coloured the photo with a green pen!
No sun here today..just really humid so the laundry is inside...I doubt it would dry outside. Yup....the blackflies know it's spring!
So glad you were able to join in.
Jane x

Karen said...

I just hauled the garbage can out the lane and got a face full of black flies too. They aren't biting yet but they are here!
I have a LOT of seeds for sugar baby watermelon saved from last year. We usually get two melons from each plant. They are pretty tiny so the perfect size for us.
I'm heading to Peterborough next week to see the family so our garden won't get don't until after the long weekend - but maybe that's a good thing!

Margo said...

Flowers can be so expensive, right? I started some nasturtiums from seed. We'll see if they do anything - I never grew them before.

I'm sorry about your allergies. My husband uses a neti pot and he LOVES it. Says it flushes out all the allergens and junk and he feels better immediately. If you can't take meds, you might want to give it a try :)

Anna said...

I am sure our heart medications probably differ, but I am able to take Clairitin with mine. I have been reading a lot this week about how tea made from honeysuckle flowers can really open up the sinuses. I am anxious to try it. Hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

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