Thursday, May 24, 2012

Working Thoughts

I seem to be living on 5 hours sleep a night. I go to bed exhausted, as I go through an 18 hour work day. But wake up full of vigour and vim.

My thought lately has been on transforming this bedroom that belonged to my 20 year old daughter into a Country Victorian room, that will be used as a guest room. I want it really Shabby Cottage looking, using many items I already have here on the farm.

Here are some photo's of the room at present ( totally uncleaned!)( table on left side folded up was used for seedlings, that are all planted in the garden now)
This is the the room looking in from the hallway. It is lilac in colour and cute but I am tired of the girlie look. The boarder are bunnies from Marjolein Bastin . My daughter loves her work.

This is looking from the window toward the hallway. The room is 11X 14. Where the curtain is there is a closet. Now in these really old houses closets are not deep things but rather for hooks to hang your daily clothes, remembering they didn't have a huge wardrobe. The hooks are still in there, ( very decorative ones)but shelves have been added for books and stuff. However with my book worm out of the house, it has nothing behind it. Thinking I might open it up, or put the wardrobe in front of it.
The bed is an old iron cast with brass on it. A 3/4 size, so hard to fit sheets on. The quilt is store bought when I was first married ( made in China) and is torn to pieces. The bed is missing on of the wooden wheels , which makes the bed creak whenever someone moves on it. This needs to be addressed.
The dresser is a cast off from the 'out-laws'. I love it, even though the top is rather rough looking, a scarf covers this. The drawers are deep and dovetailed.

So no new furnishings are needed. I am fine with everything in the room. I have found a new bedcovering and shams for $125. of roses, and I think plain bedding. I need to replace the pillows on our bed and will move the old ones to this bed. The room will need painting and I am thinking a soft pink and white trim. Nothing fancy. The accessories will bring the room to life. I also want to keep it plain and simple with little in the room.

I also have eldest daughters sundress to complete by the seocnd week in June for a bridal shower,she is maid of honour in. Most is made, but we needed a fitting which happened yesterday. It fits well, so now the zipper can go in.

I also have this:
Which I smocked for youngest this past winter to make a long sleeved dress, but summer is upon us, or so it seems and I shall make short sleeved instead. She needs it like yesterday!

Hot and humid here this morning. I cooked a ham before 8am.Hard to believe we had frost last Wednesday morning and now it is going up to 30C (88F) Hope to get the beans in the ground and the front porch posts painted ( spot painted) which should take about 2 hours and then finish the sundress in the afternoon which should take about 1 1 /2 hours. If I get this done and Dearest fish he caught while camping done, it shall be a fantastic day.


Paula said...

Growing up, my sister had a 3/4 bed too. Mom just always made due with the double sheets.

I love the smocking. Very pretty. Ella's getting desperate for clothes too. She keeps growing over night :)

Really warm here too. I had to come home early from our homeschool group meeting. We don't like to leave the farm empty in this heat. If the power goes off, pigs start dropping -so we need to get the generator going quick.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you are going to be able to transform it with things that you love around the farm.

Like you, I am in the process of decorating the cottage - gilding the lily... :)

Thank you so much for stopping by the cottage - good to 'see' you again :)


Anna said...

I really enjoyed this post! But WHEW! I got tired just reading it!
Country Victorian is my favorite style of decorating and it sounds like the room will be beautiful. I do hope yo post pics when it is done.

I truly admire your talent. All of your smocking work is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

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