Monday, May 28, 2012

Yo-yo Pillow Top

My first project for the guest room will be to make a Yo-yo pillow top using scrap fabric I have here already. I have decided that the bedroom with be a very light sage green and the accents in pink, white and green with a floral-rose theme.
Last night I cut out these six, and sewed them up. It took me about 1/2 hour.This morning I cut out more circles,and thought I would show you how to make these.
First trace a round object ( tea plate, margarine lid) which is about 4-6 inches wide. I used my pin holder which is 4 1/4 inches wide. This makes Yo-yo's around 1 1/2 inched finished.Cut out the fabric.
Make a cardboard ( I used pantyhose packaging) to make a circle 1/4 inch smaller then your fabric.
Iron the fabric over the cardboard the 1/4 inch. then remove the cardboard. This step is not necessary but helpful. You can just go ahead, turn under 1/4 of an inch and hand stitch.
Hand stitch a running stitch with thread that has been knotted on one end, all around the circle at the 1/4 inch fold.
Pull the thread, a little at a time from each direction. Knot the thread a few times, then thread both ends through the center, out toward the side.
Attach this Yo-yo to the others with a few whip stitches, knot and cut.

Continue making Yo-yo's and attaching until desired size.


Blessings a.k.a Deana Evenburg-Sharp said...

thanks for sharing ! I am excited to see your finished project..

maria said...

I always wanted to make a yo-yo throw. Now that you have shown how truly easy it is...I'll just give it a try :)

Peace be with you today,


Margo said...

I have JUST gotten bitten by the yo-yo bug! Can't wait to make some. I'm thinking of making a garland, although they're so easy and I have so many scraps, I could easily do a coverlet :)