Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little Farmgirl

Could not help but smile at the four year old this morning with her choice of clothing!

"Its warm out today" she tells me.
It was warmer then we have been experiencing, but oh the colours!!!!

Between showers and dodging the blackflies, hence the sweater, we went out for short spells to bring things out the house or check on the animals and gardens.

She was trying to figure out all the plants growing in the garden. She did not seem disappointed at all when I told her there was nothing planted there. She thought I was nuts as she could plainly see something in the soil.

Yeap! dandelions without heads!

She was excited to see four rows of snow peas up.
My rooster has become a problem with the four year old and only her. He attacks her. Not the two year old, nor the teenager. I have yet to figure this out. But I will say that as soon as he has done his job, he is going.
I free ranged them all day today. Somewhere in the woods are the eggs, as all the chickens are in the coop at sundown and not one egg in the boxes. I have been free ranging them from 3pm till sundown. Today I was home all day and felt sorry for them being in the encloser.

We had a terrific thunderstorm around 8pm tonight.


Buttons said...

She is adorable I love her fashion sense. Darn rooster bye bye. We had that storm too it was nasty. :) B

Jane and Chris said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of colour...she wears it well!
The storm last night was crazy...our roof leaked....yet another chore to add to the list.
Jane x

Karen said...

We got the storm later in the night.

Anna said...

lol, my comment is already taken, but I am going to say it anyway.... She is adorable! And I love the clothes she picked out. She must be a really happy, cheerful. energetic child.
And shame on that rooster! I have had some do that before, too, go after just one person and no one else. Never did figure out why, either. It's really puzzling.

Anonymous said...

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