Sunday, August 26, 2012

Very Dry Out

This has been a very warm weekend. Unusual for late August and really nice if it hasn't been such a dry summer. Rain with thunderstorms is in the forecast. One can only hope it to happen. A nice light rain over a long period of time. That would be very welcomed.

Despite the dry weather we have managed to get our years hay cut, bailed and brought to the barn. Now the fields are just burning to the soil.
lawn bowling anyone?
It is sad to see.
Our upper pond is drying up. It is normally about 65cm higher then this. The mud to the left is where George sunk in up to his collar.
Saturday night we went for a long walk through the farm and picked 1 liter of pin cherries ( wild cherries)to make cherry jelly. I was surprised there were any. There are some crab apples but not many on the normal 'apple sauce' tree, a pioneer apple orchard south of the house. Looks like I will be buying apples this winter. Today I made the jelly. One jar!

This afternoon during the heat of the day the children went swimming at a Conservation Area. I sewed a black maid-of-honour dress for a friend. She is rather large and a third fitting will be needed Tuesday. I have gone as far as I can right now. I need a fitting before the zipper goes in. I have quite enjoyed sewing it. I also made a blue skirt for me on Saturday. It fits really well. I am pleased.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Child's Apron

My little ones are always helping in the kitchen. While we were in a near by village today getting fabric and buttons the owner showed me this pattern. Not something you stick in front of a dairy farmer! A sure sale. She asked if I would make some and display in the store for her. Pattern free for the work. I said sure. So next project involves cows and chickens!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In The Blue

socks I have finished for the 20 year old
Yesterday I woke up the normal time, did the normal farm chores, but noted my dogs were not laying outside when I had gotten outside nor were they there when I got back up to the house a few hours later. I thought this strange as the German Shepard never leaves the premises of the house. I got myself ready to go into the city with Dearest. The girls were staying home. I packed the shopping containers and my stuff for the Missionary in the trunk and I could hear a dog barking. Not an unusual bark but I knew it was my Shepard. Dearest ( slowpoke) came outside and I told him to listen... it was George. Call it a mothers instinct but I thought George was in trouble. Dearest chuckled at me and said I was wrong. He probably has a porcupine up a tree, something he use to do a lot. I shook off my instinct and we left.

At noon hour I called home. Talked to the 16 year old who said all was fine there. I asked her if she saw George. She was silent and then said no. I think it got to her that he wasn't around. This dog always protected my 16 year old. They are soul mates. I asked her to stick her head out the kitchen door and listen for a bark. There was none. I said Oh well.

In my mind I though ' why had he left the surrounds of the house?' Perhaps to go off and die. But why the bark?

I called at 2pm as I was entering Walmart ( I must get a cell phone!). The girls had gone through the fields. No dog. No bark. The older was bailing dog. Everything else fine.

Now I made a huge mistake picking this day for shopping. It wasn't until I was in Walmart I figured it out. It was Child Tax Credit Day. People had money to spend on school supplies and stupid things. It was crowded and in my eyes people were quit disgusting looking. I wear better clothes into the barn. Where is the propriety in how people look anymore? I don't just mean the stretchy yoga pants on someone a big as a couch. I mean the torn Tshirts, and dirty clothes. Do they know how to use a brush? And smell!!

I hate Walmart. I only go there a few times a year. But there were items I needed to get for our trip like underwear and socks which were at unbeatable prices in Walmart. Our Walmart expanded last November to be a full grocery store. It is the first time I did any grocery shopping there, only I brought all my grocery flyers with me and did the compairison shopping of items only on the list. Funny but the flyers for all the items I wanted was cheaper then Walmart prices. When I got to the teller, she said to me I did very well on my savings. I figured I just did well on items for our trip. It will be a long time before I go there again.

I had still an hour to spend before going to get Dearest. I went to Value Village a used store. Without having the kids with me I could look at my leasure. I found some kilts which I LOVE. My body shape is perfect for them and when I find them there is little in the way of stopping me from buying one. Well this day there were two there. I had the money for both ( just) but I really need new white blouses. There were no white blouses but I found a nice yellow one that would go really nice with my brown skirt and one of the kilts. I tried on the kilts and landing out buying this one.
For $10.00. It needs the buckets moved over some, as my waist is considerably smaller. But it looks fantastic on me. I bought the yellow blouse for $7.99 and a white baseball cap which he has been wanting for $5.00. I never do this type of spur of the moment shopping. I might go back Thursday after being at my folks to see if the brown kilt is still there.

I went and got Dearest from work and as we were travelling home I told him about George. He said he would look for him when we got home. So as I unloaded the shopping and put on supper he went hunting. I just had supper ready on the table and Dearest showed up, mud to his thighs, all up his arm. George had gone in the pond, but because the water levels are low it is deep mud on the edge of the pond. George was sunk in the mud up to his collar. Because of his age and arthritis he could not get out. Dearest had him out the pond and on a log, but the dog was shivering and weak. I ordered the 20 year old to get the truck, fill with warm water buckets, the 16 year old to get blankets and the 4 year old to get dry towels/ rags, the 2 year old to fill the dogs dish with food. I was in a beautiful skirt and white blouse and needed to get coveralls and rubber boots on. We drove to the area he was laying. George wanted so much to get up and come to me ( he is my suck) but couldn't. The mud was all over him and we had to get as much off him before we could move him. The truck could not get down right to the pond and we would have to carry him a distance to get him in the truck. This dog was well over 100 lbs in his bloom. Carrying him now at 80lbs but fragile would be difficult. We managed and got him to the house by around 7pm. Chores were awaiting us, supper on the table but all hands were on this dog. We washed and washed him. Then finally he decided to get up on his own. Oh what a mess! He ate whole heartily, and drank and drank. But he was cold and clumps of wet mud were all over him. I couldn't put a hose on him because well water is freezing and he was already cold. He can't climb the steps to get in the tub anymore. So I spent over an hour cutting his fur, washing and drying him, until the sun went down. He slept in the mudroom( literly a mudroom now!) and this morning is still weak. He is laying in the sunshine outside. This afternoon I will wash him with pet shampoo and hope to clean him up some more. The sun will dry him and hopefully by nightfall he will be back to himself. That evening I did loads of laundry. Blankets, towels and our clothes all full of thick wet mud.

Last night I went to bed and wished George had somehow just gone away and not come back. His will to live out his last days is still strong. He has proved this to me. I wonder if he knows I have the hole already dug?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Without the Net

We are not recieving an internet signal at the farm since Monday. I found out in the village today that a whole area is without. I am finding it madning when I want to look something up, but I sure am getting things done being away from the computer. I am in the village at the library with the girls. hense the computer check-in.

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Wet Trip

We arrived back from our two day getaway to a house full of teenagers. Daughters decided to have some friends over and they were playing board games, but I wanted piece and quiet. Oh life back on the treadmill!
Sharbot Lake before a storm

Our two days were marred with thunderstorms and tons of rain, but I didn't mind that.We have been wanting this for weeks. It was a bit of a pain on my chest. Making it feel heavy, but I ignored this feeling.

I would like to say I had a great time and enjoyed it, but I didn't. I am not sure why I get so excited about these road trips because in my 29 years of marriage we have never done something "I" would really like to do. I pick the area and basically he goes free range with it.

It is not like I ask much. I love architecture. Old stuff. I love getting ideas and seeing 'art' at its best. Dearest like back roads. The more cottage like the better. Believe you me I have see enough back roads it the last two days to want to lock my feet at the kitchen sink.
On the snowmobile trail, My Three Turtles
We did stop in two small cities. The first we got out in an area of old architecture and then he headed into the downtown core. I was a little excited.
Old Brewers House in Smith Falls

We are going where people are? But this is when our second thunderstorm of the trip fell in and we got stuck in a book store of over priced books and small at that. We waited out the heavy part of the storm then ran back to the block where the car was. He needed to use the facilities ( men his age do every hour!) He saw a Conservation Area sign and the next thing I knew we were on back roads again. We did put in a 15km walk down a snowmobile trail. Two hours later we were at another small city. Looking for facilities again. We walked around here but it was after 5pm and all was closed. Had a pizza by the water. He is attracted to water (in all ways).

After 7:30pm he said lets look for a motel. We passed a few in the village but he kept of driving. It was after 9pm when we found one that wasn't a resort ($$$).

Second day we drove to Frontinac Park which was on my wish list. We registered and began our hike in the woods. If it didn't start to pour 'cats and dogs'. It rained the whole hike of 8km. I couldn't go any further. My chest was too sore from the humidity. the rest of the trip was on back country roads with no power lines or houses for that matter. We saw the odd lake, march, pond, a beaver and an otter. Other then that just the change of the countryside, from rocky to farmland to rocky again, until we got home.
Rain In Frontinac Park
Its good to be home.

Today I am off to my folks with the little ones, to clean their house and do odd things they need doing. I hope to get to Sears as my bra is on sale half price and I need a new one and Jockey underwear which I wear is on sale as well. I will need them before the trip in September. I know exciting huh? I think so.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Brown Walking Skirt

It is a balmy day here, and not a perfect day for taking pictures, but there seems to be little else we can do and stay sain. It is 10 am and already 30C (88F) to reach over 100F (40C) by late afternoon.

These pictures were taken with my tri-pod. Glasses on/off, adjust this and that and still they are not what I want. But you get the general idea.
For some reason one of the animals has to follow me around. Dakota was determined to be in these pictures. She was good sitting there watching and I had to tell her so.
I should have worn shoes!

And now for the original picture when I was getting the 
four year old to take them for me!!!
Well its a skirt!

Three back fields of hay were cut last night. It should dry enough to bring it in late today. We have been getting calls for the hay as standing ( they cut) hay. Many are low in hay this year and say the opportunity to want cuts here. We best thought to get it cut now for hay will go for a good price this winter.

I woke with my cold now in my head. I can deal with that, but there still is considerable amount in my chest which with the humidly is bringing me down. I told Dearest yesterday I had a million things swimming in my head of what i want to do, but my body won't move. Apparently that was funny.

Today I am going to do bookwork and keep quiet.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Delightful Chaos

I slept little last night for coughing. I thought I would be wiped today but I guess not. Did morning chores, and laundry on the line, recycling ( lots from daughters move home) to the curb, last nights dishes away and I was ready to begin my day.

First on the agenda was to make something to snack on. I had nothing in the house, so I made oatmeal cookies, and then made pie dough. Cut up the over fresh peaches and made one peach pie, the other with be chocolate moose.

I went down to the garden to gather some beets. I took a photo of my garden but decided it looked like a jungle on the photo! A 'delightful chaos' of vegetables there. Many of which need to be taken care of now.

I pulled out the three rows of beets, which mounted to be four large pails full! For the next few hours I was cutting, washing, boiling, cleaning, scraping and boiling again. To make pickled beets and to freeze beet tops. I use beet tops in my stuffed pasta.
My beets are the red and white ring type.

I went to put my beet tops in the freezer and noticed the huge mess in there. So I went into the basement and got the coolers. Emptied the freezer into coolers and plastic containers, cleaned out the freezer and then moved it to face a different wall. Re-loaded the freezer once defrosted and cleaned and made a list of what is all in there.( enough zucchini to feed an army!).

This done. It is 1:30pm. Nap time for some around here. Dishes can wait. I want to sew.