Friday, August 10, 2012

A Wet Trip

We arrived back from our two day getaway to a house full of teenagers. Daughters decided to have some friends over and they were playing board games, but I wanted piece and quiet. Oh life back on the treadmill!
Sharbot Lake before a storm

Our two days were marred with thunderstorms and tons of rain, but I didn't mind that.We have been wanting this for weeks. It was a bit of a pain on my chest. Making it feel heavy, but I ignored this feeling.

I would like to say I had a great time and enjoyed it, but I didn't. I am not sure why I get so excited about these road trips because in my 29 years of marriage we have never done something "I" would really like to do. I pick the area and basically he goes free range with it.

It is not like I ask much. I love architecture. Old stuff. I love getting ideas and seeing 'art' at its best. Dearest like back roads. The more cottage like the better. Believe you me I have see enough back roads it the last two days to want to lock my feet at the kitchen sink.
On the snowmobile trail, My Three Turtles
We did stop in two small cities. The first we got out in an area of old architecture and then he headed into the downtown core. I was a little excited.
Old Brewers House in Smith Falls

We are going where people are? But this is when our second thunderstorm of the trip fell in and we got stuck in a book store of over priced books and small at that. We waited out the heavy part of the storm then ran back to the block where the car was. He needed to use the facilities ( men his age do every hour!) He saw a Conservation Area sign and the next thing I knew we were on back roads again. We did put in a 15km walk down a snowmobile trail. Two hours later we were at another small city. Looking for facilities again. We walked around here but it was after 5pm and all was closed. Had a pizza by the water. He is attracted to water (in all ways).

After 7:30pm he said lets look for a motel. We passed a few in the village but he kept of driving. It was after 9pm when we found one that wasn't a resort ($$$).

Second day we drove to Frontinac Park which was on my wish list. We registered and began our hike in the woods. If it didn't start to pour 'cats and dogs'. It rained the whole hike of 8km. I couldn't go any further. My chest was too sore from the humidity. the rest of the trip was on back country roads with no power lines or houses for that matter. We saw the odd lake, march, pond, a beaver and an otter. Other then that just the change of the countryside, from rocky to farmland to rocky again, until we got home.
Rain In Frontinac Park
Its good to be home.

Today I am off to my folks with the little ones, to clean their house and do odd things they need doing. I hope to get to Sears as my bra is on sale half price and I need a new one and Jockey underwear which I wear is on sale as well. I will need them before the trip in September. I know exciting huh? I think so.


Buttons said...

Oh I love Smith Falls and Frontenac Park you are getting closer to where I live now.
I never travel much with My Hero but wander off myself with the girls we have the same interests. I truly do love to travel with My Hero no matter where it is auction sales as you can see are his thing.
I do hope your chest gets better soon I am a little worried about you.
Have fun buying underwear what an adventure, How can you stand it?:) B

Keeper of the Past said...

Sorry that the trip didn't turn out as well as you planned. I would have been dancing in the rain.
Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Kristina said...

I'm so longing for a weekend trip. So glad you got the change to go.