Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In The Blue

socks I have finished for the 20 year old
Yesterday I woke up the normal time, did the normal farm chores, but noted my dogs were not laying outside when I had gotten outside nor were they there when I got back up to the house a few hours later. I thought this strange as the German Shepard never leaves the premises of the house. I got myself ready to go into the city with Dearest. The girls were staying home. I packed the shopping containers and my stuff for the Missionary in the trunk and I could hear a dog barking. Not an unusual bark but I knew it was my Shepard. Dearest ( slowpoke) came outside and I told him to listen... it was George. Call it a mothers instinct but I thought George was in trouble. Dearest chuckled at me and said I was wrong. He probably has a porcupine up a tree, something he use to do a lot. I shook off my instinct and we left.

At noon hour I called home. Talked to the 16 year old who said all was fine there. I asked her if she saw George. She was silent and then said no. I think it got to her that he wasn't around. This dog always protected my 16 year old. They are soul mates. I asked her to stick her head out the kitchen door and listen for a bark. There was none. I said Oh well.

In my mind I though ' why had he left the surrounds of the house?' Perhaps to go off and die. But why the bark?

I called at 2pm as I was entering Walmart ( I must get a cell phone!). The girls had gone through the fields. No dog. No bark. The older was bailing hay..no dog. Everything else fine.

Now I made a huge mistake picking this day for shopping. It wasn't until I was in Walmart I figured it out. It was Child Tax Credit Day. People had money to spend on school supplies and stupid things. It was crowded and in my eyes people were quit disgusting looking. I wear better clothes into the barn. Where is the propriety in how people look anymore? I don't just mean the stretchy yoga pants on someone a big as a couch. I mean the torn Tshirts, and dirty clothes. Do they know how to use a brush? And smell!!

I hate Walmart. I only go there a few times a year. But there were items I needed to get for our trip like underwear and socks which were at unbeatable prices in Walmart. Our Walmart expanded last November to be a full grocery store. It is the first time I did any grocery shopping there, only I brought all my grocery flyers with me and did the compairison shopping of items only on the list. Funny but the flyers for all the items I wanted was cheaper then Walmart prices. When I got to the teller, she said to me I did very well on my savings. I figured I just did well on items for our trip. It will be a long time before I go there again.

I had still an hour to spend before going to get Dearest. I went to Value Village a used store. Without having the kids with me I could look at my leasure. I found some kilts which I LOVE. My body shape is perfect for them and when I find them there is little in the way of stopping me from buying one. Well this day there were two there. I had the money for both ( just) but I really need new white blouses. There were no white blouses but I found a nice yellow one that would go really nice with my brown skirt and one of the kilts. I tried on the kilts and landing out buying this one.
For $10.00. It needs the buckets moved over some, as my waist is considerably smaller. But it looks fantastic on me. I bought the yellow blouse for $7.99 and a white baseball cap which he has been wanting for $5.00. I never do this type of spur of the moment shopping. I might go back Thursday after being at my folks to see if the brown kilt is still there.

I went and got Dearest from work and as we were travelling home I told him about George. He said he would look for him when we got home. So as I unloaded the shopping and put on supper he went hunting. I just had supper ready on the table and Dearest showed up, mud to his thighs, all up his arm. George had gone in the pond, but because the water levels are low it is deep mud on the edge of the pond. George was sunk in the mud up to his collar. Because of his age and arthritis he could not get out. Dearest had him out the pond and on a log, but the dog was shivering and weak. I ordered the 20 year old to get the truck, fill with warm water buckets, the 16 year old to get blankets and the 4 year old to get dry towels/ rags, the 2 year old to fill the dogs dish with food. I was in a beautiful skirt and white blouse and needed to get coveralls and rubber boots on. We drove to the area he was laying. George wanted so much to get up and come to me ( he is my suck) but couldn't. The mud was all over him and we had to get as much off him before we could move him. The truck could not get down right to the pond and we would have to carry him a distance to get him in the truck. This dog was well over 100 lbs in his bloom. Carrying him now at 80lbs but fragile would be difficult. We managed and got him to the house by around 7pm. Chores were awaiting us, supper on the table but all hands were on this dog. We washed and washed him. Then finally he decided to get up on his own. Oh what a mess! He ate whole heartily, and drank and drank. But he was cold and clumps of wet mud were all over him. I couldn't put a hose on him because well water is freezing and he was already cold. He can't climb the steps to get in the tub anymore. So I spent over an hour cutting his fur, washing and drying him, until the sun went down. He slept in the mudroom( literly a mudroom now!) and this morning is still weak. He is laying in the sunshine outside. This afternoon I will wash him with pet shampoo and hope to clean him up some more. The sun will dry him and hopefully by nightfall he will be back to himself. That evening I did loads of laundry. Blankets, towels and our clothes all full of thick wet mud.

Last night I went to bed and wished George had somehow just gone away and not come back. His will to live out his last days is still strong. He has proved this to me. I wonder if he knows I have the hole already dug?


Maria said...

Oh my....I know now why I stop to visit you all the time. It is your honesty and your ability to cut through the nonsense that surrounds this world, that keeps drawing back me back here.

Your opinion on Walmart is shared. I dislike the store immensely and I refuse to enter it unless it is absolutely necessary...so far, I have been able to stick to this.

Your poor animal. Dogs, these wonderful creatures that love us so unconditionally, tend to want to prove their love by hanging on and on. They truly believe that we need them. And in a way, they are right. My dog is over 15yrs old and I know that he is tired, but holds on with everything his got!

Your skirt looks lovely and I am sure it looks really nice on. Thank you for sharing a slice of your farming life with me today...


Jane and Chris said...
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Jane and Chris said...

Oh poor dog, he must have so afraid out there on his own.Hopefully being kept warm will help him.
Jane x
PS I avoid Walmart for the same reasons...people don't have any self respect.

Andrea, Bees and Buttercups said...

Oh, poor George! My heart goes out to him for his pitiful state when stuck in the mud! I can feel kind during such things, but really, I pray my dog would die a nice, natural death, as I would prefer having no dog! Ha...my daughter's one rabbit died a few months ago, and I could see it coming and had a hole dug and hid it from her sight!

I am afraid to go to a walmart or kmart around here. People are always being robbed at gunpoint in the parking lots! Seriously. I stopped at one early in the morning around Christmas and a shady character was coming towards me and wanted to talk to me, and I ran back into my car and left (no one else was around...it was early). Sometimes I wonder why I live here...I am originally from a more rural area and I think it is crazy I have to worry about being robbed when I go out!

I love to see your clothes bargains. You have a good figure and can look nice in anything. love,andrea

Kristina said...

Oh my goodness. The poor dog.

I don't like shopping at Wal-mart either, but they match other store prices and helps cut down the amount of stores I need to go do. The skirt looks nice. I'm glad to see you had a good day shopping for it.

Buttons said...

Oh poor George. :) B

Mara said...

Goodness! The thought of knowing that George was stuck in a deep mud puddle up to his collar is quite scary. I'm glad that he didn't slip all the way. I hope he feels better soon.

At any rate, I'm glad to hear that you were able to get a few new outfits. That's always a good thing.

I like Walmart okay. We have a shopping center at our Walmart too. I do actually do our grocery shopping there, as it's cheaper than the "gourmet stores" in my area. However, I have noticed that the prices on some of their items cost more than at the "gourmet stores" or close to it.