Sunday, August 26, 2012

Very Dry Out

This has been a very warm weekend. Unusual for late August and really nice if it hasn't been such a dry summer. Rain with thunderstorms is in the forecast. One can only hope it to happen. A nice light rain over a long period of time. That would be very welcomed.

Despite the dry weather we have managed to get our years hay cut, bailed and brought to the barn. Now the fields are just burning to the soil.
lawn bowling anyone?
It is sad to see.
Our upper pond is drying up. It is normally about 65cm higher then this. The mud to the left is where George sunk in up to his collar.
Saturday night we went for a long walk through the farm and picked 1 liter of pin cherries ( wild cherries)to make cherry jelly. I was surprised there were any. There are some crab apples but not many on the normal 'apple sauce' tree, a pioneer apple orchard south of the house. Looks like I will be buying apples this winter. Today I made the jelly. One jar!

This afternoon during the heat of the day the children went swimming at a Conservation Area. I sewed a black maid-of-honour dress for a friend. She is rather large and a third fitting will be needed Tuesday. I have gone as far as I can right now. I need a fitting before the zipper goes in. I have quite enjoyed sewing it. I also made a blue skirt for me on Saturday. It fits really well. I am pleased.


Jane and Chris said...

It's raining here, soft showery rain but we are going to have to wait for snowmelt to fill up one of our ponds.
Jane x

Kristina said...

We just got some rain last night. I was worried my gardens would dry up too.

Buttons said...

It is sad it is the same here. It is going to be a very long dry winter I think. I have to buy veggies and apples this could get expensive. B

Anonymous said...

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