Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life Here

Its been a week since I posted. Life sure gets busy this time of year!

Last weekend we had a lot of rain. Actually everyday this week we have had a shower of one sort or another. There was a good day earlier this week in which we got 22 acres of hay cut and put in plastic. The garden is all up. Bugs have gotten into my celery and I have about half left of what I planted. I purchased some Marigolds yesterday to try and counter act the problem. Today I shall move the celery all into one row to make room for something else in the second row.

The woods looks like a jungle. The laneway needs taming. All the flowering bushes have lost their bloom and need trimming back. It all just seems so over whelming.

Water got in through the roof of the chicken coop. My girls are unhappy at present and my laying is half of what I was getting. I need to get some dry shavings in there.

Today we are canning blueberries. Not from the farm, actually from the states, but at such a deal at the grocery store. I bought about 8 pounds and shall make jam out of it and freeze some for baking throughout the winter. Our local blueberries although nicer, fresher tasting in a months time are always a lot more expensive. I have failed to be able to grow my own!

The strawberry field looks fantastic. We need some warm dry weather now for the berries to come. Two more weeks and I shall be canning daily.

My yo-yo pillow is about half done, but I have not been able to sit still for over a week now. Too much to be done.

Life in this neck of the woods.


Jane and Chris said...

Overwhelming indeed! We have so many chores to do and not enough time to do them. When hubby has fiinshed his working day it's late and he is too tired to start outside chores. Ah well, life in the country!
Jane x

Karen said...

I'm lucky that The Man of this house finishes his regular job quite early in the day. It give him most of the afternoon, and often the evening, to get this heavy work done around here.
Life has taken on a bit of a routine: some sort of domestic business in the morning while The Man brings home his $$, then we do outside chores. Despite not having livestock anymore, the garden and yard always need attention. There is always something needing to be fixed in the garage. (The neighbours tend to drop off their repair jobs as well)

Mara said...

It certainly sounds like you have had your hands busy these days. I'm sorry to hear about your celery and the poor hens getting an unwanted "shower." Hopefully, you'll be able to remedy these problems as soon as you can.

Life here in Suburbia Land is about the same. Just taking one day at at time, though I am currently looking for ways for us to eat healthier. We've been ingesting too much sugar and fats in our diet for too long, and it's time for a change.

Anyway, take care, and try not to get too "stressed" with your workload.

Buttons said...

Oh my you have been busy. I understand that where does the time go?
Take care and enjoy the warm days ahead. B

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