Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What We Have Been Waiting For

What we have been waiting for?
Farm produce other then strawberries and lettuce!
The snow peas and beets are now being harvested.
 I picked 12 liters of strawberries today and made jam out of 9 liters.
Then I picked 9 liters of snow peas this afternoon.
And then began the beet rows, I just brought in a handful as I'm not ready to pickle them yet.
Our grocery bill will start to drop dramatically now, that the garden is in full swing.
The tractors are just a humming out here.
Last night well past mid-night.
Temperatures are cooler, and it is windy out so the hay dries in the fields, rather then raking it and wasting more petro.
Today while in the garden I was hating the sounds of machinery, but we were in the city this evening and the noise there with concerts and cars.
I'll take the machine hum anyday.

Tonight there are coyotes howling and deer just walked down the lane toward the garden!


Keeper of the Past said...

Busy canning time ahead. Looks like you are getting a good harvest.

Buttons said...

Oh wonderful time of the year I love it. I also love the hum of the tractor and watching the deer. I love that so much. Makes you smile doesn't it Take care B

Jane and Chris said...

Great that you got things done before the heat hits again. We are not growing veg this year, we need to leave the earth to rest and amend. I miss it.
Jane x