Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thunderstorms and Dogs

We had quite a violent thunderstorm last night, bringing in a warm front we will want to forget, I'm sure. I feel the warm air this morning bringing out the trash. Yuck! But terror struck me when I went out to do chores early this morning.
My 15 year old wolf/Shepard is being left outside at nights anymore. For different reasons. One: he was sleeping in the barn the last 14 years but has taken to taking the barn apart board by board. Two: I had him in the mudroom but he took to pooping in there. Now he is outside and one thunderstorm and he torn the screen, broke the storm door window and pooped all over the back porch. I swear if I had a gun this morning.............!

So I washed the porch, and will have to dismantal the screen and window and replace it all. A costly repair because I haven't the time ,at this time of the year to do it all myself. I will get the hardware store to do the window and I'll do the blasted screen this afternoon.

Darn part of it all. He was sound asleep in the barn this morning!

Good news is that I slept last night pretty well. My cold is still with me, but I feel the edge is off.


Jane and Chris said...

I think your poor guy needs to see a vet, there is somethng going on with him. Perhaps a dementia/age related problem?
Jane x

simplicityinthemaking said...

I know he has dementia Jane, but he has always hated thunderstorms. This is not the first time he has gone through the screen. In the past he even was strong enough to force the front door opened and we found him inside when we got home. But his age will not allow him to break through doors anymore. WE just had a heck of a storm roll through here, with high winds at supper hour. he is tied up in the barn.

Kristina said...

We have a dog that is scared to death of thunderstorms. I was told there is a jacket we can buy him called a Thunder Jacket. I heard it really works to calm the dog, but expensive. Sorry about your troubles. I'm glad you are feeling better.