Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1st

The beginning of November and the beginning of a new challenge for me. To live within our pension budget amount. I must admit it is scary. Some bills came in yesterday a bit higher they the set amount for that column. But I am determined to make this work.

I opened up a bank account yesterday at President Choice Financial. I tried on-line the day before but they wanted a credit card for identification. I don't own one. So I went to the Super Store yesterday after caring for my folks and opened one up. It has free banking and checking and free grocery points when using their bank card. At present we are with Scotiabank and my fees are about $14./month. What made me decided to go PC was when I ordered new cheques last month at the tune of $42. for 250 cheques. I thought never again. So this month I will be fooling around with PC figuring out how it all works, on-line and by telephone, debit ( something I have never used). Then transferring money from one bank to another as the year rolls out. I wasn't sure weather to use PC or ING, but after much reading found there to be little difference. The PC banking is just more convenient.

I have a few projects I want to do this month at the house.

1. give eldest daughter all the un-used storage containers.
2. Clean out sitting bench in kitchen
3. Clean out DVD/book closet in hallway
4. Clean out my hope chest ( where I store my wool/cotton and some pattern books. Really think about what I am keeping.

From the sewing room.
1. Finish baby sweater for new granddaughter ( jan)
2. Make socks for a friend with diabetis and large legs
3. sew up smocked dress for youngest
4. Knit baby botties to match sweater
5. begin smocked dresses for flowergirls for daughters wedding (July)

This should keep me out of trouble ( or into it!) and busy as the dyas get shorter.


Kristina said...

The cost of checks are very high anymore. On-line banking is less costly.

Sounds like you have many projects going on.

Paula said...

I have used PC financial for years. I have their credit card too. I use it all month as cash and then pay it off at the end of every month. Last grocery day I cashed in $40 worth of points and ended up with just a $30 bill! It was really great when Colin's feed bill went through my credit card, I got piles of free groceries then :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so very busy !!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Margo said...

love your list! I have a fall list, too, but it's already gotten too cold for some of my outside projects.

Do you have credit unions in Canada? They are nonprofits and people are members, not customers, so the credit union is really working to be efficient and beneficial. We don't bother with banks anymore. At our credit union, our checks are free, online banking only so no money is spent on buildings, and no fees to speak of.