Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Flurries this Morning

We had flurries coming out of the sky this morning after chores were done. A little reminder that winter is on route.

Gill you asked me about black tarp yesterday. I get mine at Home Hardware, but any dark tarp will do. The darkness does not allow light to penetrate through. You might ask at a building site as wood is often bundled in a plastic like tarp that is black on one side and they just throw it out.

The idea of piling leaves in a garden is good but creates a lot of acid in the soil. Fine for bulbs and natural plants from the area where the leaves come from but not so for a lot of vegetables. You will need to neutralize the soil come spring in a vegetable patch. I find ashes work well. Just till it all together with the soil in the spring and compost. Peas don't grow well where leaves were put. Instead of peas you get mushrooms. Experience speaking here!

I am mostly home today. Need to get dog food. Vegetarian night. I am making a vegetable pot pie. So a simple meal.

I bought buttons yesterday for sweaters I have knitted. One for the new baby and one for my four year old. Ironically the wool was given to me, the buttons cost as much as the wool would have! Hope to get these sewn on whilst the girls do their schoolwork.

I have a baby shower that I am planning for 50+ ladies on December 8th. I am fine tuning the invitations this morning and dreaming up some entertainment for the group. I have ideas but need to find information to fulfill the idea. I am also limited in space as the shower is in a house.

Then I hope to clean out the hall closet where we keep our Bible literature and movies. Our VHS has finally died. I am disappointed because I copied all Road to Avonlea and Anne of Green gables from the TV back in 1991 to VHS. I think mom still has a machine she isn't using. I am hopeful, but if not I shall have to throw these movies out. I refuse to buy DVD's anymore. I am sure the DVD system is short lived too. We get three DVD's a week from the library.Three for selection, but rarely do we see two let alone three. readers in this house and the computer has a lot to offer as well.

Life here.


Buttons said...

Don't throw the VHS out I bought one at a yard sale for $2. works perfect. I also bought a DVD VHS combination machine it works great. $90. but I use it a lot as the movies at the library are DVD's. Flurries that is scary. B

Karen said...

M. Don't throw your VHS tapes out. I see the players advertised on the second hand sites all the time. People just don't use them anymore so they go cheap!
The ground was white up here in the Ottawa Valley this morning too.