Monday, November 12, 2012

Homemaking Monday : November 12

The weather here:

 is damp this morning the promising of a fantastic warm( for November +16C or 66F)  and hopefully some sunshine.

Right now:
I am waiting on the 21 year old, as we are heading to the city for doctor appointments and some winter shopping.

How I would dearly love to just stay home and enjoy this last warm spell before the air is cold and crisp and I am much more inside.

Reading Pile:
I have a knitting book by the bed on knitting baby socks.
Betty Crocker cookbook for the heart
Bible reading of Amos

Monday: stewed meatballs, Egyptian salad, peas.
Tuesday: vegetarian pot pie
Wednesday: meatloaf, rice and carrots
Thursday: chicken tights, mashed potato, spinach and beets
Friday: potato and sausage with kale
Saturday: Pizza
Sunday: Leftovers and salad

My To do List:
*get more black tarps to kill off the grass and prepare the ground for a new garden
* mend yet more socks, my shawl and repair the zipper in my winter barn coat
* finish Mike's other sock
* start to smock flower girl dresses for daughters wedding.

On My Needles
socks in Dk for Mike in an unusual size.
also pleated fabric for smocked dresses for the wedding

Looking Around the House
I have done a lot of cooking this weekend for a barn raising this week. I had to make enough stew  and brownies for 20 men. That is a lot of dishes ! Also need to get some dusting done. The house is clean but don't speak to me about the barn.

From my Camera
Dawn here at Locus Lane Farm


Jane and Chris said...

The cow with the brown on her face is SOOOOOOO pretty!
Jane x

Gill - That British Woman said...

where do you buy black tarps from? I could do with a couple.


Kristina said...

Instead of using tarps this year, we are gathering all the dead leaves and putting them on the garden.