Friday, November 2, 2012

Grocery Challenge week ending Nov 4/12

No Frills
Beatrice Yogurt (12) 2.99
Catelli Fettucci 1.47-.75 coupon .72
Dog food   9.98
Oatmeal crisp   3.49
PC ranch dressing   1.97
1kg chocolate chips   6.99
NN pepperoni stick   3.49
1.45kg banana's   2.14
cucumber   .97
.68kg grapes   1.42
.69kg oranges  1.95
box baby spinach 4.49
.40kg tomato   .67
taxes     1.30
Total $42.57

Shoppers Drug Mart
2x 4L of 1% milk   free ( used gift card from last week)

Telford Egg Farm
30 eggs  $5.75

1 whole wheat bread free
1 multi grain bread free
6 whole wheat kaiser buns free
3 sub buns  free
12 whole wheat buns free
Cheese bread$ 2.24
Total $2.24

Taylor Beef Farm
5lbs ground beef $4.79

No Frills
4x 1kg Kraft Peanut Butter PM FC (3.77each) 15.08
3x 500g Honey PM FC (3.77 each) 11.31
garlic .47
Total $26.86

Family Budget for November: $300.
Amount spent this week:$82.21
Coupons/ gift cards used $10.75
Amount Left to spend: $217.79
Under  budget by $217.79

This was a grand week as Jim gave me a lot of day old bread, so I didn't have to buy or make any myself. It was a disappointing week as No Frills didn't have five of the items on my list this week. I put them on for next week. Bought enough eggs for the  month and peanut butter and honey till sometime in the new year.

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Gill - That British Woman said...

never went to No Frills this week, no great deals on I thought.