Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grocery Challenge Nov 11,2012

Grocery Challenge for the week of Nov 11,2012

Budget for the month $300.00

This shopping trip:

2 x Lion Chops 6.49 - 50%= 3.23 ( 10 pieces)
Honey Shreddies 3.99
Chicken Tights 6.19 ( 14 pieces)
Total 13.40

No Frills
2 Black Diamond Cheese(300g) @ 2.47 each = 4.94
Family size Multigrain Cheerios 3.49
NN Instant pudding .78
NN peas 2.29
PC chocolate chips (1kg) 6.99
yogurt 3.89 - 3.89c= free
2 x bread @1.87 ea = 3.74
cinnamon bread 1.99
Italian sausages (20) 6.71
banana @.67lb = 1.61
celery 1.47
clementine 3.77
English cucumber .69
mushroom 1.97
green onion .57
box of baby spinach 4.49
8 tomatoes 2.57
Total $48.07

Shoppers Drug Mart
2 x 1% milk 4.13 each =8.26
Total $8.26

3 x semi sweet chocolate squares @2.00 each =6.00
chicken bullion 1.00
Total $7.00

Hot chocolate 3.79
Raspberry tea 2.49
Total 6.28

3x cranberry juice  free
2 cow tongues for the dogs free( yuck!)

Total grocery budget for the month is $300.
Total coupons used this week $3.89
Total spent: $83.01
Total Spent so far :$164.05
Total left to spend for the month: $135.95

This week was a frustrating visit to stores. I shop No Frills because that is where my father with dementia likes to shop. He knows the store. However Sales from Freshco could not be matched at NoFrills because of sizing issues. I found myself doing the math on my phone to figure out weather the deal was better at NF or if I should make another trip ( across the city) to FC. I stuck with NF and different options.

We are eating three vegetarian meals this week verse the two we usually do. One always being soup. I got some vegetarian magazines from the library with some India dishes in it that look really good. I will incorporate this in our home schooling somehow to make it fun.

I went to Superstore to get the ground beef on for 1.98/lb and round roast for 1.98lb . This store is huge,( I rarely go there) but neither item were in stock, so I got rain checks from a lady that shouldn't be working there because she treated me like an alien when I asked for rain checks. Good thing about her lack of knowledge of rain checks is she didn't put a quantity down. I could buy the store out of ground beef with this rain long as it fits the budget! Not having the beef put a damper on my set menu planning for this week. Shall have to dig around for alternatives.

Started to stock up on holiday baking supplies.

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Buttons said...

I must say it is so much easier with only two living in this house now even though I do miss all that love and noise:)
I never buy to much at the stores these days saving money, you ask No insurance is higher taxes are higher and now meds I never thought I would ever take yeah getting older has advantages and disadvantages for sure.
Good for you finding the bargains.
Yup someday I will have to sell my valuable land just to pay insurances:) B