Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Shower Invitations

I am throwing a baby shower for a young mom in December. There will be about 50 women invited to this shower. I needed an inexpensive way to invite all these ladies. It took me a week of thinking and browsing ideas on the Net and coming up with something affordable.
This is what I came up with.
I haven't applied the sticker yet because this invitation is my template for the rest.

I bought 50 sheets of pastel coloured paper at Micheals that came to $2.22 after the 40% off coupon and taxes.

The stickers, which I really wanted something a little bigger but was not in the budget came to $7.68 at 50% and taxes. I got 56 stickers for this price.

The invitations were printed on the computer with all the information.

Last night I cut 14 of them out. It is going to take time, and then to draw stitch lines on them all. I however won't need envelopes as I can write the names on the back side and can hand them out.


Jane and Chris said...

They are fabulous!
Jane x

Janet said...

What a great idea - so cute! I'm planning a baby shower soon for my daughter's first baby (due mid January)

Buttons said...

Oh these look great good job. B