Thursday, April 26, 2012

Simple Day

I was in the city today. I usually go on Wednesday and take my Dat grocery shopping, clean their house and then tend to any issues my Mom has. But Dearest was still on holidays yesterday and no use taking the car in two days in a row when the cost of petro is so expensive.

Dearest had a dentist appointment this morning at 9am. I went with him. Knitted in the waiting room. I was not there for moral suppose! A cavity was found in his Wisdom Tooth. Or so he tells me. Funny he had them all extract 7 years ago. Or was it just the top ones because they were impacted. I really don't remember. I had 2 removed. Only ever had two wisdom teeth. Does this make me only half smart? I wonder? Anyway he goes back in Monday at 8:30am. Needless to say he was not happy about it. I still really think he doesn't have any wisdom..............I mean teeth! Haha!

Dat was waiting for me when I arrived. It is our time together. He chatting my ear off repeating himself at least four times on route to the grocery store ( a walking distance away but too many stop lights in between). He spoke over and over again about ' bike riding last night after supper, how it was nice out. Oh! And he went bike riding after supper last night, it was nice out.'   Dementia! I find it comical. Drives Mom nuts.

We did our shopping. I didn't need much, neither did they. We were out in no time. Put the bags in the trunk and I locked my cart into his and he takes them back to the store entrance to retrieve his quarter back from his cart. Only he came back with both carts. 'Dat what ya doing? '
He asks, how does this work with the carts? I showed him, he replies, "oh ya" and walks them back to the store. I can't help but chuckle but really here was a man that was a mathematician, that worked 47 years making die casts that were the size of the width of one strand of hair! It is sad.

As he gets in the car. He laughs. Speaking in Low German, his mother tongue says he almost didn't have a quarter when we went in the store for the cart. I didn't get it. I see him putting his quarter out of the cart into his money pouch. He tells me he brought the wrong pouch. This was the Loonie ( $1. Canadian and Twoonie $2. coin) pouch, he left his small change one at home in his good pants. I just learned something new. He has two coin pouches. His way of dealing with his illness of Dementia. Little tricks. Next week we will make sure he has the small coin pouch when we leave home. Or perhaps I will bring an extra quarter.

Upon returning to their home, unloading groceries, I had promised Mom we would clean out her lower kitchen cupboards. They are over stuffed with everything at the front where she can reach. Dat had made drawers in these cupboards that Mom can drag out to get items. She rarely does though and items spill in them. So as they both sat there watching me empty the cupboards onto the counter. I got rid of some stuff, double packed some. Washed the cupboards out. Mom now knows what is in there. Dat said they had a grocery store in there. I tried to tell him Baking Powder and salt do not make a meal.

Mom went down to the basement for a spell and I went through the cupboard under the sink. I found 46 pill and vitamin bottles Mom was hording under there. Pee jars I suspect for doctor visits. My parents are children of WWII in Europe. My Dat can live off of little, my Mom feels everything has a purpose. It all goes back to the war, and hard habits to change. I put the pill containers in a shopping bag and slipped it into the car. Left four in the cupboard.

Dat had bought scrubbies at the grocery store this morning. He does the dishes. But when I cleaned under the sink, there were four packages of them already there.He felt terrible about this. I told him they will get used and no hard done. I showed him where they will be when he wants them. Closed the cupboard and washed the floor.

Today was bed stripping, wash clothes and floors and bathrooms. I usually vacuum the whole house too, but Mom wanted to get out shopping to a new store at the mall on the north side of the city. I took her. Sounds easy but wheelchair is needed and no sooner do we get there and she needs to go to the bathroom. At least she found a pair of pants she liked. We went to the Bulk store because I wanted too and had a $3.00 off coupon. She enjoyed this but people with carts could not get around the wheelchair. A little frustrating! I bought some lemon chips ( like chocolate chips) which was a new product for me. I think I will put them in sugar cookies. I hope to bake this weekend.

Picked Dearest up at 5pm. The teenager and toddlers had homemade Ravioli and salad made for us. Such a treat. They did dishes too!

I had a bath after evening chores and finished yet another Waldorf Doll, but I'm not as fancy on her. Think I will make her different clothing, something more greener.
It is really windy tonight and the thermometer is dropping quickly. It is to rest at -9C( 14F). Cold for the end of April.


Buttons said...

Well I know what you are going through but you are lucky to still have your Dad .My Mom has dementia and I do not mind the repeating of stories. My Mom also has lots of pill bottles she saves, the war did make people think different but I do think now that people are so wasteful there must be some kind of happy medium.
Take care and I think you are an awesome daughter. Hug B

Jane and Chris said...

My Dad has Alzheimers, so know what you mean. My parents are also WWII children. My Dad uses things until they fall apart,they do not want to buy new things...because they "have to make things last".
Jane x
PS Glad you didn't have to make a meal after all that work!

Paula said...

I think I love this dolly the most. I really love the red hair.

Mom was born after the war, but is very tied to sentimental things. She's even keeping a bunch of stuff from when Ella was little.

Sounds like you and your Dat had a good day. I'm glad.

Take care and stay warm today.

Gina said...

Reminds me so much of my grandmother. Her cupboards were always a disaster after her mind left. We could find the jug of milk, cleaners, and crackers, sitting side by side a cupboard. It was hard to watch.

Love the little dolly!

Anna said...

No, don't change her clothes. This is my favorite one of all the ones you have shown us so far. Best wishes to you for great sales on them.

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