Thursday, April 12, 2012


It has been a really quite day around here. Nice to have the sun shining and the wind a little more mellow.

The window to the outdoor chicken run, blew closed today. I went through the outdoor run, where the chickens were busy eating kitchen scraps to open there window ,telling the four year old to stay outside the run. She never likes to listen and came in the run behind me, but too far back from me to do anything about it. The rooster attacked her legs. This is my chicken girl. She loves the hens, but it took me a long time to calm her down after the attack on her. We sat down outside the run and I told her what the roosters job was and that she also made the mistake of :first coming in the run when I told her not to, and second; caring in the container that  had held the kitchen scraps  Who know what the little brain of the rooster was thinking but I had to kick him off her, as she was too far out of reach to get to quickly. Needless to say, I don't think she will be collecting eggs anytime soon.


Jane and Chris said...

Oh poor thing! Roosters are rather feisty this time of year!
Jane x

Paula said...

I don't like going in the chicken pen that has the rooster either. Colin's dad teases him for some reason and now he's not very friendly. It's really scary when he's up on his roost because that puts him at my head level. He's even been know to attack Colin. If we didn't need him I'd add him to the soup pot.

Karen said...

Awww, poor girl. Hard lesson to learn.

Anonymous said...

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