Friday, April 13, 2012

Completed Projects

I have a shower to attend tonight. I did not make the gift this time as I haven't the time, but I did make the card.
I stayed up until 11;20pm last night trying to finish these socks for son-in-law. They don't need to be done until next weekend, but I bought more yarn for a new project and lets face it new projects are always more fun to dream about then the one you are presently working on. However I did not get the socks done. I actually had about six more rows to go and then to put all the treads in, but I could not make myself knit one more stitch. So after morning chores I went to finish them. Glad they are done!
Our 4 year old loves to build with old wood. we have about 20 of these around the house and barn. Can't bring myself to burn them. Yesterday while 'sissy' was napping we sat outside in the sunshine and I knit the above and she painted one of her 'creation's' (Inuksuk !).
Now 19 more to go!! She also painted Dandilion heads.


Karen said...

My father was a carpenter/cabinet maker. He would save all of his funny shapes from the woodworking projects in a big bin. When the grandchildren would come to visit, he would give them hammers and nails and glue and screw drivers and screw. Who knew learning practical skills could be so much fun!

Janet said...

I like your socks ! How do you join the different colours of wool so that there's no "bumps" (so no chaffing). I have lots of left over sock yarn that I'm trying to figure out how to join.