Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Never Dull

First I want to say that my grocery list yesterday was part of the Canadian Budget Binder ( web site on side bar) challenge. My computer would not allow me to type that bit of information in. Once I have saved, that's it, no more information can be had.

It is to keep me focused on my grocery spending. I do all my budgeting on my Google Drive. Everytime I purchase something , that night it goes on the spreadsheet. Groceries and gas are the two categories that make or break it for the budget. So this year, with the exception of our PEI trip, in which we cooked our own food, the prices there were way too high compared to Ontario and broke my budget for September. From January to September I went over grocery budget five months. However only once by a significant amount. My goal it to try and get at least half the year under $300. and re-assess our budget for 2013. In 6 years Dearest will be retiring. I need to work out how we will live on less income. He will be 57 years old! No old age yet.

This morning after barn chores I collected my hens , boxed them and brought them to the abatoir ( a fancy French name for slaughter). I will pick them up Friday, frozen ready for our freezer. This should last us until spring, when I will once again have a wanting for new hens. These girls were two years old now and their eggs were getting thin, as they have aged. After two most do not produce well anymore. I didn't want to pay for feed throughout the winter. One of my simplifing ,was to put them in the freezer.

Once they were gone I got right to work. My fridge is near empty now. Good time to clean it out. I have done that this morning, putting any old in the dogs dish for supper. There was hardly anything for them this time, just empting of some jars.I washed the whole fridge out. So that's clean. I moved on to the cupboards again. These ones hold large items. Bowls, soup pots etc. So they don't take as much time as the food cupboards did. However I had purchased from the Dollarstore some rubberized cupboard liners last year, and I am removing it back down to the wood. After awhile the rubber sticks to cups that have just been washed. Every time I take a cup out the cupboard I have to wipe the rim so as not to have blue rubber on it. In the food cupboard sticky honey and molasses made it a mess. An experiement I will not be doing again. Mom has it in her cupboards and I thought it was nice, but she doesn't have kids that don't look where they put things, and spill everywhere.

Dearest brought the German Shepard in last night. He had done a dump in the kitchen on the braided mat, which is now outside in the rain. I shall have to scrub it and somehow in this rainy weather dry it.

Son-in-law, cut his finger right down to the bone last night. My daughter unable to deal with cleaning it, he came here, bleeding all over the kitchen and downstairs bathroom. I cleaned and cared for the wound. Once cleaned we could see it did not require stitches. But the mess in my house. Let alone all the camping gear, and laundry from camping. My kitchen could pass as a mens locker room without a blink of an eye. Hockey gear dring by the woodstove!!! Makes me want to leave.

Anyway daughter and family arrive 5 minutes before supper, so I invited them to stay ( I think they planned it that way!). All the extra dishes and last minute thinking of how to strtch this meal. Thank goodness the garden still has spinach and lettuce. We managed.

Well break time over. Best clean out those cupboards.


Gill - That British Woman said...

you are a busy bee, you deserve a break. Miserable day weather wise today isn't it?


Tina Leigh said...

How I wish I had your energy and your discipline!!!! You amaze me at all the things you do!!

My husband will be 56 next month. I do not know when he will retire, he wants to but I dont know when he will bite the bullet & do it. We talk about it a lot. I am 14 years younger than him so we will still have an income. BUT I have been nursing for 22 years & I am so sick of it! I quit my job of 7 years at the local hospital in June. My grandmother was sick (and did die) and I received custody of my 17 month old grandson in May.

After we finish our harvest on our farm & some other projects, I will go back to work at the first of the year.

Anyway..now that you know my life history, LOL...you inspire me in all things!