Thursday, October 18, 2012

Am Around

I have been all over the place this past week and have not had much time to myself. Today I "booked" me time and everyone knows it. I need it before  I break. My me time however is not really me time, but time to try and accomplish one of the two things I wanted done by October 31. Clean out the kitchen cupboards!

I began it one night after do dishes. I pulled my whole spice drawer out, washed all the containers and the drawer, put the spices I need to refill on my phone memo pad, and refilled the drawer. That little bit made me feel really good.

Today I am going to tackle the three food cupboards. I have  pretty much everything in Tupperware ( country mice situation). So it is a matter of taking out the containers, washing them all down, washing the cupboards. Re-filling what needs doing, and plucking what I will need in the next month into the phone.

The phone is handy for this. I have a running list of items I am getting low on so if there is room in my weekly budget for one or two of these items I  can get it.

Dearest and boy have gone interior camping this morning at Algonquin Provincial Park. there will be a group of them meeting up there. It is a fishing, guy thing weekend. They do it twice a year and I get fish in the freezer to boot. Good deal, because when they are gone I don't cook! So it is kind of a 'me time'.

I said last week I would share my knitting projects. The computer is a Lenix System and it doesn't seem to like putting pictures on blogger anymore. Hopefully today it will work.
It is made with 4ply fingering wool. A new born size for a friend due mid-January. The pattern is from Patons Baby be Good booklet,(1989). the wool was given to me from a friend who bought it 14 years ago when her third child, first daughter was born. She bought a lot of wool then but with three kids under four never had time to knit anything and now 14 years later still had the wool, and handed it over to me. I was grateful for it. the buttons on the neckline I got from my mom' s stash. So free to make sweater, only my time.
This is the back of a layette set for baby size 6 months. Same pattern book and same wool weight. Wool Called Bernat Lollipop, given by the same friend. This will be for my new granddaughter due in January but wanting to appear already. My daughter is in and out the hospital the last few days having steroid shots to keep the baby's lungs well so if she does come at 25 weeks her lungs will be able to breath well. Good news about this yesterday, as the baby has settled down and daughter other then side effects of the steroids ( not sleeping) has also calmed down.Daughter is now allowed to do anything for three weeks. Yah right with a 4 year old and 3 year old at home? Anyway my daughter has large babies, so no use making the first size.

The leaves are really starting to fall here. It is beautiful out today. laundry on the line. I hope to work up the garden this afternoon. Still getting daily root crops out of the garden. A good thing.

Tomorrow the little ones and teenager travel to Belleville to do some girlie things ( shopping). I still need to get winter boots. Other then that just something special for the teenager, the hard one to buy for. On route home we are picking up her friend as they both have been invited to a formal dance Saturday night. Guess who gets to drive them there and stick around to drive them home? Wonder, should I bring my knitting?

Dat turned 84 yesterday and was quite coherent. I brought his car to a dealership yesterday before having to get a new license sticker and e-test. the car has only 62,000km on it. It will sell fast.

I finally finished the books for the year. ( Sep 30) We are trying to live on less as we retire in 6 1/2 years and will have to live on less for 10 years before CPP kicks in. I see where I need to make some changes in our everyday living. This is always a good exercise for me. Opens my eyes to new ideas and changes. You shall start to see these changes on this blog as I type about them as the weeks go on.

Enough procrastination. On with the cupboards.


Buttons said...

My Mom turned 84 in August Happy Birthday.
Wow you are one busy girl you always make me feel guilty.
I can see you are enjoying your new phone:)
Retire we are in the freedom 95 plan I think:)
Take care hope the girls have fun in my neck of the woods. B

Jane and Chris said...

I'm looking forward to reading your saving money seems all we have done is spend just recently (things we needed but spend all the same).
Jane x

Karen said...

I was down your way spending some time with my 95 year old Da this week. We loaded him into the car and took a drive down through Norwood, Hastings, Campbellford. It was just beautiful down that way! I was so upset when I got home and tried to put the photos on my computer. There is something wrong with the chip in the camera and it didn't save a single photo!