Thursday, October 25, 2012


They weather network was calling for a fantastic warm sunny day today. I put all my wash from the hamper , though the machine last night and after morning chores, went to hang the laundry on the line outside. Both lines full, still dark outside.

Last night I pulled a turkey from the freezer. A small 5kg one. Enough for a few meals that I won't have to dream up over the weekend. Made stuffing and am at present cooking the bird.

Dearest had some secretarial work that needed doing. So while helping with school work I did this work for him. It took over 2 hours but it is all done now. He will be pleased and I happy he isn't spending inside all day tomorrow pondering over it all.

As I was doing this  bookwork it poured out. I was beside myself. Two lines of laundry outside and all sopping wet! But by noon hour the sun shone through. Everyone is outside now raking leaves. There are many more to fall, but a good start for the garden. Today's load will go into the raspberry patch. Hopefully a dozen wheel burrow loads worth.
Yesterday in the city I bought two meters of flannel in baby pink. One plain, one with floral to smock baby nighties for my new granddaughter. They were $4.00/meter. We have been told to expect a preemie, as my daughter will almost 100% not go full term. Finding doll size clothing is difficult in our city.I need to finish the layette I am making first, but somehow a new project seems more fun at this point.

I have one more kitchen cupboard to clean out. The one that houses the plastic containers and my large kitchen appliances. Really not looking forward to this one. I hate matching the plastic containers, but I am admit I am going to do it today.

Joke on me this morning. I still have my rooster, called Chochi. But when I went to let him out this morning, for some reason I looked in the rafters and there was a hen sitting. The one I call"Scary Cat" because she never went with the flock. Guess she gave the last laugh at me, being scared saved her life. Guess I still have chickens! All my other hens are names after Jane Austen characters. Don't know why? I can just see dinner conversations in the future. "Well mom is this Eleanor we are eating?" Kids!!! 

Tara; on my husbands retiring. First we didn't expect to have a young family at our age. Our plan when we got married was to retire at 55. We will be able to at 57 with a partial pension. I have decided that 2013 we will be living on the partial pension and see how we do. If we can't accomplish this a move will be in the making. Farms sell at prime right now. I can't say they will in the future. However I have yet to loose money on selling property. I have spent this month fine tuning the budget. It is so scary to think at 51 you still have to worry about such issues. It is like worrying about getting wrinkles. No one wants them but it a reality. My scariness is the though I 'might' have to leave my little piece of Paradise here on the farm. However Dearest has assured me he won't be moving into the city if the time comes. This is of great comfort because it would depress me severely. Our children at home have voiced the same opinion. It helps to know they share my values.

Well best get at those cupboards and outside to enjoy this day.


Gill - That British Woman said...

we are at a scary point in our lives worrying about money, when things should be easier.

Not sure if I could go and live in the city again.


Buttons said...

Oh I am almost sixy and we are not going to retire anytime soon I believe. I have no idea what we would do if we had young ones like you. We have no company pension and the farm will be our RSP if you know what I mean but we have other irons in the fire a rental so hope to never have to sell the farm but it is always an option just like you.We have talked about it and if we were offered enough we would be crazy not to take it it is hard work as YOU know. I love it here it is not all about the money for us that is the problem I suppose.
Slow down you make me feel lazy:) LOL B

Janet said...

Times are tough. My hubby only been able to find p/t seasonal work since his heart attack 7 years ago and my work just announced mass lay-offs this week. Not sure if I'm on the lay-off list yet. Won't be easy looking for work at my age (53). I'm always look for ways to cut more and more out of the budget.

Tina Leigh said...

The reason we decided to plant pecan trees was so we would have an income after retirement. There were many things we didn't know when we made that decision. Like, how much money and work it takes to grow a pecan!

I don't know though, it's the life we built and I can't imagine having to sell out either. Home & farm prices here are pitiful! We've been told the farm itself depreciates the value of our property, but that's if you want to sell it per the appraisers!! But my land taxes say another story!! They are going up 21% this year!!!

That is very funny about your hiding hen!! She's a smart ole girl!

My hens don't have names but my rooster's name is George Pevey! He know his name too! Lol!

Sorry about your wash... That figures huh!

Kristina said...

I would not be able to move back to the city either.

Anonymous said...

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