Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cold and Wet

It is damp in the house today as the dampness seeps through my bones. I really dislike these shorter days. Seems I just get into something and it is dark out.

This past week I went looking for winter boots. Dress boots for under my skirts that keep my feet warm. It would appear people do not walk out in cold snowy conditions anymore.All the boots I could find are fancy dress boots with enough warmth for a fall dry day. I was so put out. Near tears. My old ones have holes in them and I already wore them one winter with milk bags in them to keep my feet dry.

Sears had a good special on dress shirts which Dearest needs badly. I am afraid I have been putting buying these for too long. But if my dearest of friend didn't call me and say she has a bag of dress shirts that the arms length does not fit her (very tall) husband. There were 14 dress shirts in that bag ( she is a shopaholic). I was so thrilled to get this bag. Washed them all and today ironed them. I didn't have to buy any and these shirts are like new. Thrilled.

I wish to sew, but have too many knitting projects on the go right now. Have to finish them first. Shall show them next week.


Jane and Chris said...

Have you tried Marks Work Wearhouse and Payless shoes?
Jane x

Buttons said...

Oh I do hope you find some boots. I wear boots I found at a thrift store last year they are hiking boots and I wear two pairs of wool socks with them:) Good luck. Nice about the shirts. B

Kristina said...

I know what you mean about the boots.

Karen said...

I hate to endorse this company, but WalMart DID have some really cute dress boots when I was through there the other day. The new one is open out Landsdowne now (where Zellers used to be).
Terrible that our choices are getting fewer and fewer.

Margo said...

I need some new black shoes, and I'm dreading the search and the expense. I have big feet which makes it all the harder.

How wonderful about the dress shirts!! My sis just dropped a big load of clothes off to me from one of her friends. I got several new-to-me things without even leaving the comfort of my home. Love that.