Monday, October 29, 2012

Mission Accomplished

It is done. All my set projects for October. Amen!

I worked for 5 1/2 hours today under the back stairs. Vacuumed each and ever book under there and decided what to do with each one. There are still many there, classicals and ones of interest to everyone. But bags of stuff went out of here. Many to 'Friends of the Library'. One bag to donations and a full canvas bag ready to go to a home school family of boys. Books on rocks, fish and space.

I found a few photo albums. Going through them. Many from the last 1980's. Memories. But I noticed many of the pictures were the same as those in the cottage journal books ( when we owned a cottage) and though to tare the pictures out and send them to designated child. It took over an hour but I was down to one photo album instead of four. I was thrilled about this. Funny how when you are young all this is precious to you but as you get older it becomes stuff.

Found daughters guitar case. Wonder if she still has her guitar?

At the very back of this crawl space are two tall tower ,plastic container shelving units on wheels. These have been my sewing cabinets for over 20 years. One had five drawers and held my patterns. Well I went through them with a cheerful eye and thought deeply about what to keep and what to get rid of. I am happy with my decisions and am down to two drawers of very practical and often made outfits. The teenage patterns are bagged for my friend who has a very tall....I mean VERY tall daughter. They like to sew and I am sure she will enjoy some of these. The rest I packaged for donation.

The second tower had threads, overcast thread, binding, embroidery, quilting supplies. The problem with this unit was the amount of given to me, stuff that was stached in there. I had a friend who was a missionary and moved to Mexico. She had brought bags of sewing supplies to me many years ago now. I never went through it but stuffed it in these drawers. Then my folks closed up their sewing machine shop and I took one of each colour of thread and many sewing notions before the auction. Today was the day! I removed lots of stuff. Put it in baggies and sent it off with daughter to the missionary center. Someone will take a bag of zippers, or seam binding etc.

I am now down to one tower of sewing supplies/patterns. The second one I will give to eldest daughter to put the baby items in. It is handy because it is on wheels. She can cart it where ever she wants.

The whole area is vacuumed, and scrubbed down. I ahd to put books abck on shelves, but it will be easy to remove anything when Dearest decides to insulate this area.

Now I am tired!

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Tina Leigh said...

Well I hope you dont have to cook any supper this evening, then you can prop your feet up & call it a day!!