Monday, July 23, 2012

Oh Please.

Rain is in the forecast today.
It would be the answer to many prayers "if "and " when" it falls.
I was dearly disappointed this morning when the sun shone its head above the horizon. My thought were to " we are suppose to have up to 3mm of rain today and a thunderstorm, why this sun". I know I shouldn't complain. WE are still pretty good off here. My garden is fantastic and on time, but the field crops are not happy and it is a frustrating plight at present.

We were on the run all weekend. I had my 4 year old granddaughter with us all weekend. She was very well behaved and I doubt she will want to go home today. She is high strung and needs calmness from time to time. I don't call this weekend calm, but for her it was.

I am so happy to be home today despite the fact it is going to be 40C ( 104F) today. the house at present is cool and comfortable. While it is still pleasant out I shall pick beets green beans and lettuce from the garden to ready for supper. I have leftover cooked ham, sliced in the freezer to de-frost. Little cooking required.

This afternoon we shall sit quietly. I am knitting a baby outfit for the new baby in January. I never make newborn items, but decided to this time. I also need to go into the village and get some peaches, an extention cord for my sewing machine, and hooks for to hang up needle worked pictures.

I plan little for today. Just a calm, planning type day.


Kristina said...

We were to have a good rain today, but I was disappointed to see only a sprinkle. This means I need to go water. It sure has been a rough year with dry soil and lack of rain.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

A calm day sounds wonderful! Hope you get your rain! We were in a down pour Saturday and got some needed rain last week. Enjoy your granddaughter! :)


Buttons said...

Oh I did hear that it is going to rain if you get it persuade it to head a little south east OK :)
Have a nice cool relaxing day farmgirl. I hope to do the same but sometimes even the best laid plans on this farm go awry:) B

Gill - That British Woman said...

I too hope it rains today and for the rest of the week, as we really need it,


Jane and Chris said...

We need the rain, we were forecast where is it?
I'm doing my normal Monday things, baking bread and I needed any more heat in the house!
Jane x

Maria said...

Rain has been coming and going here in the mountains, not as it was last year. Last year we were flooded and it caused a great deal of devastation here in the mountains.

Peace be with you today,


Monique Elisabeth said...

With those temperatures you have to stay calm. I can imagine the crops not baing happy. We finally have sun here too. I hope you will get the long awaited rain, not too much, just as much as the fields need ; )
Have a great day.

Karen said...

Did you get rain later in the day? My brother up on the hill above you said he got a good downpour.