Thursday, July 12, 2012

Its Back!

Its back!
The heat and humidity.

Was outside until quite late last night. Bailing hay, watering the garden, attending chicken issues ( they hate this heat).

This morning after breakfast I got right to painting trim in the spare bedroom. One side has two to three coats on the trim and the other side one coat now. I ran out of trim paint. A good excuse to have teenager take us for a drive into the village to get more. She is learning to drive and won't do it with her Pa. I have more patience she tells me. HA! She has no idea how many times I break the floor with my foot while she drives!

I have weeded some of the garden and hung three loads on the line. Stripped beds, but have yet to remake them. An evening chore.

I think the garden will need more water by evening. The issue with watering in the evening are the mosquitoes. I'm pretty good with them but the rest are not. It becomes my job.

I am making this a Racheal Ray recipe tonight with leeks, beets and potatoes from the garden. Hope it is good.


Jane and Chris said...

I think we are due some rain next week. The paint funes must be dreadful in the heat!
Jane x

M. said...

I have to begin to paint the bathroom, but the heat is just too much at this time - yuck!

Keeper of the Past said...

You are a busy girl. Sounds like the painting is coming along. Danny is trimming out the new door and window today and when he is through, I will paint and touch up.
Hope supper is good.
The big bales of hay look good...wish we could get a second cutting. We are so dry and temps back up in the mid 90s.

Monique Elisabeth said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're still in the middle of such heat. I do hope you will get cooler weather.
Here in The Netherlands we are still hoping for Summer. The temperatures are lower than normal and we have had so much rain.
Things can be so very different at other ends of the globe ; )
Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with the painting.

The Farmer's Daughter said...

The heat and humidity never left here! Hope you get a break soon. . .

Kristina said...

I love reading about your simple farmgirl life, and have awarded your blog. It's posted on my blog today.

Andrea Bees and Buttercups said...

Although I know the hay takes alot of work, the picture you posted is a calming picture to look at!

I always put my foot to an imaginary brake on my side when I drive with my daughter. My husband taught all out other children, but he made me teach our youngest. (last year). It was my most stressful year in my life. I try to never be a passenger with my,andrea