Thursday, March 29, 2012

Grocery Shopping

I mentioned that I went grocery shopping yesterday and was right on the ball with savings. years ago I had to shop different stores to get such deals. I remember going over different fliers and deciding which stores I would travel to in order to keep my grocery shopping down. I have always used coupons and generic brands and thought I was doing really well.

Recently I read this book called Be CentsAble which I ordered though my library. I strongly suggest everyone read this book to see where they can save more on their grocery bills. They also have a web site called Becentsable. Yes they are American but some of the things they mention are relate-able to us Canadians.

They list the different types of grocery stores including club stores, and how to deal, hackle and get bargains.Now I do not belong to any club stores. My idea of paying a business to shop their store just is all wrong to me. The principal behind it is wrong, expectually when I can get just as good a deal elsewhere.

I always shop at NoFrills which is a discount store here in Ontario. I think just about every major center in Ontario has one.Its only downfall ( I think) is that they do not give rain checks.I shop there because it isn't a Superstore and I shop with my Dat who has dementia. A regular routine is good for him. He knows where everything is in this store.

Lately the city has acquired stores. Two of them in the city close to me and they are giving NoFrills a bang for customer loyalty. But if you look at the bottom of your NoFrills flyer you will see it says they will match any competitors flyiers just bring them in and show them.

So the night before grocery shopping I go through all my flyers and circle anything I would like to get but the store I'm shopping in does not have these deals. Yes it takes time but I saved $15.73 this week. That is like making $15.73/hr ( if it were a job!)doing what I would have to do anyway. That is above minimum wage!

This week I Can't Believe Its Not Butter was on sale at for $1.00. At no frills it was $3.69 each. I was limited to four, but got four at $1. each. So simple and I now have a stock of margarine in the freezer. I also got Glad wraps for free. I didn't need them right now but they were free! had them for $1., but NoFrills for $1.79. I showed the flyer, got for a dollar, and then I had $1. off coupons. Free, well almost free, still have to pay the taxes, but heck I now have them for further use.

Also Ontario shoppers, The Bulk Barn has $3. 00 off coupons at their store right now, one for each of the first two weeks in April. You buy $10. worth and get $3.00 off. This week I bought brown sugar at $.19/100grams and cocoa. They have coupon events three times a year ( Jan, Mar-Apr, Oct) and are well worth for stocking up the bakery pantry.

Anyway I strongly suggest you check out this book for ideas on how to work the grocery system.


Jane and Chris said...

Goodo, I'm heading to Bulk Barn on Saturday!
Jane x

Gill - That British Woman said...

I buy all my bird seed from Bulk Barn as well......


Janet said...

Thanks for the link and book. I'll have to check it out. I look forward each week to the grocery flyers. I keep track of how much I save between sales and coupons. It can really add up ! Thanks for a great post.

Anonymous said...

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