Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Sundress

This is for my size 4 teenager. I was going so well on it and then put it down one day, when it was time to put the zipper in and there it sat for over a week. Today mission accomplished dress done.
Total cost for dress with zipper and taxes $9.95,.


Buttons said...

Oh That is really cute. Great job. B

Paula said...

That happens with my sewing too. I have a slip for me that has sat on the table for about a week now. I really need to finish it and work my way through the rest of the pile.

I love the blue.

Kristina said...

I may just have to order a dress from you. You should sell those! I love it! I'm trying to get my extra weight off so I can look better in dresses.

Blessings said...

Love the dress..You, do such beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

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